JOHAN Hopes was founded in 2019 as a nonprofit community-based organization focused on identifying, minimizing, and preventing the effects of childhood trauma.

My name is Jasmine M Moore, I founded JOHAN Hopes subsequent to the murder of my son’s father in 2018. Soon after the loss, Johan, my son, began to experience the effects of the traumatic event and his behavior started to change. I immediately started self-educating about the effects of trauma and recognized that his school, at the time, was not prepared to provide the necessary support to foster his healing process. The schools lack of resources created an academic disadvantage as we faced difficulties establishing counseling in school and the community as well! Staff and administrators neglected to give him time to grieve or adjust to his “new normal” while continuously focusing the behavioral changes versus the root cause of his actions!

The journey is far from over! However, the roadblocks and difficulties we endured, as a family, to establish services to promote healing, initiated a call to action! Our experiences produced the desire to aid, empower and advocate for the children and families who lack access or are unaware of the supportive services and resources available. Our story has been shared in the community to bring awareness to schools and personally with families that share similar struggles. We look forward to being a part of the healing process!

You never know your passion until you’re pushed to your purpose!
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