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26 Apr

The journey definitely hasn’t been easy since the death of my son's father!

However, our experiences and ongoing pain have encouraged me to establish JOHAN Hopes as an organization to help ease the burden for other children and families on their journey of healing after trauma.

If you look at the infographic, you’ll see that there are four phases: Educate, Engage, Activate, and Celebrate.

I’m currently in the early "educate" phase! I'm educating myself and other families with children facing trauma! Recently, I was moving along in the "educate” phase into the “engage" phase, but due to Covid-19 some scheduled engagements were cancelled.

It’s unfortunate, but I’ve clearly been through worse. I’ve learned to take unfortunate situations and make the best of them.

I’m glad to say that Covid-19 has not taken away my passion for the JOHAN Hopes’ mission and throughout this pandemic, I'll work in the background to move forward in doing my part to grow and maintain trauma resilient communities!

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